Guest Posting Guidelines

We welcome anyone who would love to contribute to especially if you have amazing style! We would love to read your how to style tips!

If you are interested in guest posting please read the following guidelines before contacting us.

Quality Content.

We value our readers and we want to only provide them with the best resources on how to style. You don’t have to write a huge post, 1500 words at least would be great but please make sure you have a great topic and you have put a lot of the thought into your style tips. Do not repost a previous post you have written on your blog or on another blog.

Well, Researched Images.

If you have amazing images of your own, that’s great but make sure you are researching images if you don’t have photos of your own. Please make sure you are not using images as your own and if you are using images please credit them the appropriate way. Make sure images flow with your post and are all the same or close to the same size. You will be responsible for copyright images!

Format your post.

Take a look at some of our previous how to style posts to see how we format each one of our posts and follow that same formula. Please use your target keyword numerous times throughout your post.

Please don’t promote yourself.

Again we want to provide our readers with quality content so we are not interested in self-promotion or pitchy posts. If readers like what you have to say they will naturally look for you to read more. In your guest post please don’t link to your personal blog.

Provide a bio.

We would love to know who you are and what you do! Please include a bio with your guest post and you can link to your personal blog in your bio.

Once you submit a post, it’s ours.

Sorry, but we don’t want republished posts. Once you have submitted to us and we have approved to use your post please don’t submit the same post on your blog or another blog.

Please email with any questions and/or when you are ready to submit us a post.