How to Style Long Skirts

How to style long skirts, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

Long skirts, sometimes referred to as Maxi skirts, are a form of skirt that has a length that falls perfectly between the mid-calf and lower-calf region of the body. These skirts are approximately 10 inches above your ankles in length. Rather than being confined to conservative ladies, maxi skirts have become a fashion essential for any woman who chooses to don one. A maxi skirt can be worn in a variety of ways, as we will explore in this post. In addition, follow these procedures to select the most appropriate skirt for you.

  • Step 1: Purchase the appropriate fabric. Whatever material you choose for your skirt, it should be comfortable and breathable. This characteristic is present in the 100 percent cotton material, and the rayon material is also an excellent match.
  • Step 2: Keep the occasion in mind at all times. When purchasing a skirt, consider where you will be wearing it. Will you be wearing it to work or church? For example, if you’re wearing it to the office, choose a strong solid hue, whereas a patterned skirt will be appropriate for a more informal occasion.
  • Step 3: Take into consideration your size. Anyone can wear a maxi skirt, including persons of petite stature. Determine the suitable size for your stature by checking the store’s style guide.
  • Step 4: Have a beautiful design and print. Depending on your body features. Bold prints may draw attention to your physical characteristics, and it all depends on what you want to draw attention to.
  • Step 5: Make use of accessories. The final piece of advice is to invest in clothing accessories. Long skirts look great when accessorized with layered necklaces, hats, and belts, among other things.

Create Layers with a Jacket

How to Style Long Skirts

Adding layers is an excellent idea, especially if your skirt has a lot of patterns. Wearing a jacket over a camisole will help to create layers. As you can see in the photograph, this jacket could be made of denim or leather.

Crop Top and Long Skirts

How to Style Long Skirts
crop top

This style offers a sense of balance and proportion. The crop top helps to balance off the voluminous nature of the skirt.

Tank Top and Long SkirtsĀ 

How to Style Long Skirts
tank top

A long skirt will always look better with anything fitted. This is yet another style that helps to create balance. A tank top that is tight does the trick. You can finish off this simple look by wearing a hat.

Puff Sleeve Blouse

How to Style Long Skirts
puff sleeve blouse

At first glance, this style appears to be improbable. To try this look, a high slit in your skirt is the most effective hack available. Display some nice legs through the slit. Sandal heels will complement this look as well as boots.


Are you still debating how to wear your skirt to its best advantage? Get to work and take inspiration from the designs shown above. Long skirts are not just for prudes anymore; they are also popular among fashionable women.