How to Style Leather Pants

How to style leather pants, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

Leather pants are often fashioned from animal leather and are chromium-tanned to give them a rich, dark color. They have been around since the eighteenth century when cowboys used them as a form of protection when out on the range with their horses. Leather pants are a must-have fashion item right now, and they can be worn by men and women of all ages and sizes. See how to wear this trendy item in many ways in the gallery below. When purchasing leather trousers, make sure to follow these guidelines.

  • Step 1: Select leather pants that are appropriate for your body type and size. It will be uncomfortable to wear them if they are too small for you. If they are overly large, they will not be flattering to your figure.
  • Step 2: Stick with a well-known name-brand that sells high-quality leather pants to avoid disappointment. Avoid using inferior leather in an attempt to save money because it will not last as long in the long run.
  • Step 3: Keep an eye on the length. If you’re ordering a custom size or having someone make a custom size for you, you can select both the length and waist measurements.
  • Step 4: The colors don’t have to be boring. These pants come in various colors, make a pick depending on the occasion you want to wear them.
  • Step 5: The waist fitting is another fitting to be on the lookout for. Consider where the pants sit on your waistline. Does it matter whether they are high-waisted, mid-waisted, or low-waisted? This is a question that you should attempt to answer before making your purchase.

Leather Jacket and Leather Pants

How to Style Leather Pants
leather on leather

Double your efforts! Pair leather pants with a leather jacket for a unique look. Make a statement by pairing leather pants with a leather jacket for a biker chic look. Finish the look with a pair of large sunglasses. You can also choose to wear a white tee inside the jacket.

Off Shoulder Blouse

How to Style Leather Pants
off shoulder

You may also wear this off-the-shoulder long-sleeve top with black leather leggings for a more casual look. Add a red leather purse to the ensemble to make it more stylish. To complete the appearance, opt for black ballet heels or suede sneakers to keep things simple and elegant.

Crop Top

How to Style Leather Pants
crop top

With a cropped top and leather pants, you can look stylish without putting in much effort. Finish off your look with a pair of black leather mid-calf boots to add a touch of formality to your ensemble.

T-shirt with Leather Pants

How to Style Leather Pants

You can keep things basic by layering a T-shirt over your glossy black pants and accessorizing with a bold necklace to avoid looking monotonous. Combat boots will look great with this outfit.


To wear leather pants, you don’t have to be a fashion wiz. Certainly, these trousers will take some getting used to because they are not your typical jeans pants. We hope that the styles seen above inspire you to make a statement.