How to Style Knee High Boots

How to style high knee boots, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

Knee-high boots, as the name implies, are boots that rise to the knee level. These boots could be over the knees or just below them. High knee boots are appropriate for the winter and fall seasons. Asides from protecting the feet from mud and water, they are a cute fashion piece and can be styled in different ways. Read further to see some chic ways to style them. Also, here are some tips to follow if you are about to buy high knee boots.

  • Step 1: Choose the right material. The material plays a major role as it determines the look and durability in the long run. It is advised to go for the leather material as it tends to last longer.
  • Step 2: Make sure the heel is comfortable. When buying these boots, request to wear and walk around in them. You do not want to be uncomfortable during the fall and winter seasons.
  • Step 3: Consider the height. This is determined by how short or tall you are. If you are tall, you may go for something that emphasizes your thighs, on the other hand, if you are short, go for one slightly above your knees. 
  • Step 4: Another comfort tip to look out for is how easy it is to wear and remove the boots.
  • Step 5: Focus on other details and designs. Do you want boots with a zipper or lace? What color matches the clothes in your wardrobe? All these come to play when you are purchasing boots.

Leather Skirt and High Knee Boots

How to Style High Knee Boots
leather skirt

When you wear a leather skirt, there is something about you that shouts “badass.” Even better is the fact that you’re wearing high knee boots with your short leather skirt. Simple tips for this type of dressing include making certain that your boots match your skirt or that your blouse is the same color as your boots. Wearing a hat can help you to complete this outfit perfectly.

Short Gown

How to Style High Knee Boots
short gown and belt

The length of a short gown is enhanced by the use of high boots. You can accent this style by wearing a tummy belt, similar to the one shown in the photograph.

Jeans Trousers and High Knee Boots

how to Style High Knee Boots

This is quite likely the most common method to wear these boots right now. This outfit is the ideal choice for the next winter season. Wearing a sweater and an infinity scarf on top of this ensemble will complete the outfit.

Bum Shorts 

How to Style High Knee Boots

The finest style option for you is this one if you want to show off your legs and some fresh flesh. When it comes to a girls’ night out or a casual date, this is the finest outfit to wear.


Bring your high-knee boots out of the closet and show them off with pride. When it comes to how to dress them, these simple outfits will get you started on the right track.