How to Style Joggers

How to style joggers, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

Joggers are lightweight sports bottoms. They are the ultimate off-duty wear. They are cozy and comfortable to wear. Sweatpants look very much like joggers. The difference between them and sweatpants is that sweatpants are made of heavyweight materials. Joggers were originally made for exercise and sport, but right now, they are worn not only as sportswear but as a trendy fashion piece. Let’s see some cool ways to style them before then. Follow these steps when buying joggers.

  • Step 1: Check the ankle fit. Your joggers should have a close fit around your ankles. If they don’t then they are too big. Get the appropriate length. What makes joggers unique is the length. They should stop right at the top of your shoes. For no reason should they flow over your shoes.
  • Step 2: Choose the right fit. Joggers should be slim enough to outline the shape of your body, but they shouldn’t be too tight either. You should be able to move freely while wearing them.
  • Step 3: Pick out a nice color. Most joggers either come in gray or black. These colors go with anything, but you can choose to mix it up and choose more vibrant colors like yellow, red e.t.c
  • Step 4: Decide on the waistband. Usually, the waist of these pants sits just right above the hips, but right now, there are joggers that come in high waist styles.
  • Step 5: Pick a quality nylon or polyester material. These materials have a nice shine to them and they do not fade, so far they are of quality. They are also easier to style.

Bomber Jacket and Joggers

How to Style Joggers
bomber jacket

The bomber jacket adds more structure to the loose joggers. Also, the difference between both materials adds some contrast and twist to your ensemble. You can wear a tank top or racer neck top right under your jacket to add more beautiful colors.

Pair with Sweatshirt

How to Style Joggers

Give off some street vibes with this combination. Make sure your sweatshirt is fitted and not oversized. You can even add a bit of twist by making the sweatshirt cropped just as it is in the picture. To make this look even better, add some high-top sneakers.

Wear Joggers with a White Tee

How to Style Joggers
white tee

This is the simplest of the styles. You already know that a white tee looks great on any pants. Chances are that you already have a white tee in your wardrobe. To avoid this looking too simple, add some combat boots.

Black Crop Top

How to Style Joggers
crop top

Show off some midriff with this style. This ensemble works well when you have high-waisted jogger pants. It all depends on the occasion. You can wear heels with this look or wear sneakers as shown in the picture.


Combining comfort and style has never looked better with joggers. Despite the fact that they are comfortable to wear, they can still be stylish. The good thing here is that there are many ways to style this piece. It’s time to step up your fashion, draw inspiration from the styles above.