How to Style Infinity Scarf

How to style infinity scarf, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more

An Infinity scarf is worn around the neck. It is an accessory that compliments your ensemble. It can add some pizzazz to your plain old dress. Another name for it is the circular scarf. You can make this scarf out of knitted or woven material. Asides from fashion purposes, Infinity scarves help to keep you warm during the winter season. Follow these steps on how to buy infinity scarves and also care for them.

  • Step 1: Take note of material: It is advised that the material be hundred percent cotton for easy maintenance. If you can’t get cotton, make sure to pick a material that has a smooth and gentle feel.
  • Step 2: Get the right measurement: You don’t want your scarf competing with your boots. It shouldn’t be too short either, such that it won’t go around your neck.
  • Step 3: Choose vibrant colors: It is advisable to pick a scarf color that is compatible with your skin tone. Another important criterion is the color of your outfit.
  • Step 4: Dry clean with soft detergent: This is a care tip. To maintain the color and texture of the scarf, use mild or non-bleach detergent.
  • Step 5: Check both sides: If you are making your own scarf, you need not worry about this. On the other hand, if you are purchasing it, make sure to inspect how it looks on both sides.

Wear an Infinity Scarf as a Shawl

How to Style Infinity Scarf

In order to produce a shawl-like appearance, you can drape your scarf across your shoulders. Simply wrap the scarf around your shoulders and scoop the sides into your hands. This style looks great on a t-shirt and flare jeans.

Allow the Scarf to Hang

How to Style Infinity Scarf
hang down

Let the fabric hang down in front of you or side by side, as displayed in the picture above. The length of the scarf may have an impact on how low it hangs. This is by far the simplest fashion look.

Wear it as a Single Loop

How to Style Infinity Scarf
single loop

If you’ve never worn an infinity scarf before, a simple loop around your neck with a little fluffing is a great way to get into it. This look, also known as a single loop, will transform your outfit into a chic, casual ensemble in minutes.

Tie an Infinity scarf in a Knot

How to Style Infinity Scarf

Using your scarf to tie knots can add flair and sophistication to your look. Knots may appear complicated, but mastering this technique requires only a little practice and experimentation. Begin with one short and one longer loop to achieve this look. Next, tie a knot in the longer loop. You’re finished when you leave a small loop at the bottom.


The good thing about infinity scarves is that they are unisex and versatile, that is they can be worn in all seasons. It just all depends on how you style them. Ready to put your scarf to use? You can start out with the simple styles in this article.