How to Style a Denim Jacket

How to style denim jacket, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more

Denim jackets are a one of a kind and adaptable piece of fashion. Jean jackets and trucker jackets are two terms that describe denim jackets. Both men and women use it as a casual outfit. While blue jean jackets are the most popular, denim may be dyed any color. Before we learn how to style a denim jacket, follow these steps when buying one.

  • Step 1: First and foremost, nail the color. You should be able to wear your jacket with just about everything. A washed-and-faded blue one will never let you down as it matches every shirt in your closet
  • Step 2: Take note of shoulder fitting. A jean jacket should have the same fit as a shirt, with a tight shoulder. Drop to a small if you typically wear a medium. Bonus: You can put it under a coat for further style points in the fall and winter.
  • Step 3: Check your hips. Make sure the jacket you try on rests precisely at your hips before you swipe your credit card. Return to step two if it drops below your beltline in any way. For the first time in your life, shorter is preferable.
  • Step 4: Before you go out and buy, figure out what you want it to do in your closet. Consider a jacket with a shearling collar, rips, ornamentation, or patches if you want to be more rebellious. Acid wash or an oversized fit are other more edgy options. A mid-wash blue or a white jacket in a basic cut may be your best choice if you want to appear traditional. 
  • Step 5: Make it unique to you. This is the most enjoyable part. Do whatever feels right: pop your collar, flip your cuffs, whatever aligns with your style.

Pair with Black Jeans or Black Pants 

How to Style Denim Jacket
how to style denim jacket- black jean

 The contrasting tones of black and blue compliment each other well. You may combine black jeans or even leather pants.

Combine a Denim Jacket and a Dress

How to Style Denim Jacket
how to style denim jacket- dress

Wearing a jean jacket with a dress is an all-time favorite look. It is suitable for use in the spring, summer, and autumn. Style a denim jacket is with a solid color dress.

Wear a White Tee

How to Style Denim Jacket
how to style denim jacket – a white tee shirt

The good thing about this combo is that it is unisex. Its success is largely dependent on finding the perfect white tee.

Denim, Denim, Denim

How to Style Denim Jacket
how to style denim jacket- denim on denim

The denim doesn’t need to match; it’s more about proportions and keeping things simple and fantastic.

Denim Jacket as a Shirt

How to Style Denim Jacket
how to style denim jacket- a shirt

A skirt or pants look great with a denim jacket that is buttoned up. To give it a little personality, pop the collar.


A denim jacket is an excellent option to keep on hand because of its versatility. It adds a perfect finishing touch to any ensemble. For extra ideas on how to style a denim jacket, you may choose a more suited color for the season, such as white in the summer and pink in the fall. Dare to stand out!