How to Style Flannels

How to style flannels, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

Flannels are often made of soft cotton, wool, or synthetic materials and have a thicker weave than other types of shirts, making them durable and ideal for colder weather. Brushing flannel fabric creates an even fuzzier feel. Do you own a flannel shirt? Take a look at these lovely fashion ideas. Before we dig further, follow these steps to pick out the perfect flannel shirt.

  • Step 1: Pick the right material. Begin with the cotton. The longer and cleaner the cotton is, the higher the quality of the shirt. A 100% cotton flannel will feel different than a cotton-poly mix or another synthetic material. Steer clear of polyester. Polyester quickly gets soaked with sweat.
  • Step 2: Get the perfect fit. Flannels should not be overly tight. Being too picky about fit isn’t a smart place to start with these shirts, which are designed for activity and mobility. Flannel looks best when worn as an overshirt. It’s not baggy, but it’s also not tight.
  • Step 3: Keep the event in mind. If you want to wear an over-the-tee with jeans or a relaxed weekend flannel, choose a hybrid or regular fit. Want a flannel that can wear both at work and on the weekends? Choose a flannel that fits tight to the body so you can wear it like a typical dress shirt.
  • Step 4: Look out for thickness. After you’ve decided on the cloth, consider its thickness, which is another indicator of quality.
  • Step 5: Consider the weave’s tightness. When purchasing a flannel, it is critical to consider the weave tightness. The tighter the fabric threads are packed together, the more dense the weave, and frequently, the more insulating the flannel is. A tighter weave also has the advantage of being more durable and resistant to shrinking when laundered.

Wear Flannels with Bike Shorts

How to Style Flannels
how to style flannels – bike shorts

Bike shorts are a great way to add some style to your outfit. A complementing black bike shorts pair is the ideal canvas for an oversized flannel. Rock your combat boots or sneakers to amp up your fitness for the autumn season.

Tie Flannel Around Your Waist

How to Style Flannels
how to style flannels – tie around waist

Tie a flannel around your waist to add intrigue to a simple dress or jeans and shirt ensemble. It functions similarly to a belt in that it accentuates your waist, but it may also easily add weight to an ensemble.

Wear Flannels with White Tee

How to Style Flannels
how to style flannels – white tee

Are you over your motor jacket? As shown in the photo, pair a white tee with an unbuttoned flannel shirt.

Combine with a Jean and Camisole

How to Style Flannels
how to style flannels- jeans and camisole

Jeans go on almost anything, the contrast between the flannel and the plain jeans makes it a very fun combination.


Individuals of different genders, ethnicities, financial levels, and interests: drag queens, fashion-savvy professionals, parents, children, professors, students, pets, and the list goes on and on! Everyone can wear flannel! So, don’t pass up the opportunity to make a statement with it.