How to Style Earrings

How to style earrings, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

Earrings have been a go-to accessory, a classic accessory, and a must-have accessory for years. The style trends come and go but the perfect earrings can last you forever. They are such fun accessories to style, and there are so many options including size, shape, color, costume, classic, simple, etc.

Step 1: You might be surprised but there is actually no wrong way on how to style earrings. However, you will find that different styles that might suit you better. So the first thing to do is to figure out what earrings fit the shape of your face the best. If you keep reading, you will find out how to find the best style for you.

Step 2: Figure out your style preference. When it comes to this fun accessory, your style preference might be as simple as do you prefer a more hooped style or a classic stud style. Or do you prefer having lots of different shapes, styles, colors, to accessorize to match your daily looks? Or do you keep it simple and have a few go-to favorites that you wear more frequently?

Step 3: There are quite a few new trendy styles that are actually pretty simple and easy to style. For example, peal earrings are making a huge comeback as well as large textured hoops. Both of these styles are easy to wear with so many looks and look good on almost everyone.

Step 4: Clean out and sort through your jewelry box. You might have some amazing pairs of earrings that you didn’t remember having or throw out earrings that you haven’t worn or probably won’t wear again. It’s fun to restyle some of your old earrings.

Step 5: Have fun with styling earrings. You don’t have to have multiple piercings to style earrings. For example, climbers can give you the illusion of multiple earrings. Ear cuffs can be placed anywhere on your ear to create a fun look. You can even mix and match earrings on different ears.

How to Style Climbers

Climbers are essentially elongated studs that climb up your ear and give you the look of multiple earrings. These earrings can make a dramatic look without being too much on your ear. They are a great earring to dress up a look. If you really want to make a statement, you could add a climber to one ear or maybe a stud or hoop to the other ear.

Tiny Hoops, Huggies or Cuffs

Huggies are usually tiny hoops that can be thicker or sometimes thin and hug to your earlobe. You can find huggies that work like clip-on so you can put them anywhere you like on your ears. Ear Cuffs can be similar to huggies in the sense that style them however you want on either ear. These are fun to make a bigger statement on your ear. You can use them to create an ear stack or if you are looking for the illusion of multiple piercings.

Mix and Match with a Ear Stack

Ear stacking is when you have multiple piercings and you style your ear with different earrings. For example, you could start with hoops, then add a stud or a huggie or, or even add a climber. You can also mix and match and different styles on each ear to get a fun look. You actually don’t need multiple piercings to create an ear stack. You can use climbers or ear cuffs to create a fun ear stack. Another idea is to create a simple ear stack on one ear and not the other or create a big statement on one ear and not the other. There are so many different ways to style an ear stack.

How to Style Threaders

How to Style Earrings

Threader earrings are similar to drop earrings. Except for the thin drop part of the earring threads through the ear hole. The earrings will then dangle on both sides of your earlobe. You can use threaders to help you create an ear stack on your ear or you can just add threaders for a more chic or romantic look. These earrings are great to wear with cocktail dresses, summer dresses, or even a chic work outfit.

Asymmetrical Ear Looks

Wearing asymmetrically earrings was a big trend in the 80’s and now it’s back! To wear this trend you don’t even need to shop for new earrings. You can simple wearing your favorite hoop or statement earring on one ear and add a simple stud to the other.

Not Your Grandma’s Pearl Earrings

A popular style you that you might be surprised to see our pearls. These are not your Grandma’s pearls. You will find that these earrings are more modern and chic, and some are designed with mixed metals, which gives you a whole new look.

Wear Big Hoops

Don’t sleep on the big hoop trend. The bigger the better and looks for some pairs that have a more textured style to them. Take a look through your jewelry box, you might already have a few pairs of hoops that you maybe forgot you had.

Make a Statement

How to Style Earrings

Statement earrings are usually large can come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. They are designed to make a statement on your ear. Statement earrings are also still very much in but you might see more asymmetrical styles this current season. Statement earrings are always an easy go-to and they are fun to add to any outfit to dress up your look.

Luxury Brands

Some of the luxury brands also have some beautiful styles this year although they do come with a bigger price tag. Some of them are definitely great investment pieces although you can shop other retailers for amazing dupe styles.

Drop or Dangle Earrings

How to Style Earrings

Drop or dangle earrings are exactly what they sound like. They are usually studs or a small cluster and they drop or hang below your earlobe. When shopping for these earrings they are literally so many different styles and options. They are also made with so many different materials so you can really find some unique styles.

Once you understand all the different types and styles of earrings you can start playing around with different looks. Especially if you have multiple piercings or shop for ear cuffs to style all different ways.

You also might have less time during the weekdays to add a lot of accessories to your outfits. So you might want to think about earrings that you can wear all the time. Especially ones that you can sleep in and that does not bother your ears. Make sure when shopping for these types of earrings you look for ones for sensitive ears or spend a little more money and invest in either gold or 18K gold.

5 Earrings that Everyone Should have in Their Jewelry Box

Everyone needs a few pairs of really special earrings or a few favorites that you tend to wear all the time. Here are some ideas of what types of earrings you should have in your jewelry box.

  • A pair of high-quality hoops in gold or silver, thin or thick, depending on what you prefer
  • A pair of diamond studs or a good quality pair of 18K gold cubic zirconia
  • A beautiful pair of drop style, pendant, or dangle style that you could wear with a cocktail dress
  • A classic pair of huggie hoops. These are great for everyday or in a professional setting
  • A fun statement earring that you can wear to dress up or add to any outfit

Finding the Right Earrings for you

Like as mentioned before there is no wrong way to style earrings and as long as you love what you are wearing. However, there are definitely styles that “fit” the shape of your face better. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Triangle shaped face: a statement or long dangle, or drop earrings
  • Oval face: simple studs are your go-to
  • Round face: a simple drop earring
  • Heart-shaped face: Statement are chandelier styles are great for you
  • Long or narrow face: Hoops, studs, or cluster earrings
  • Square face: Hoops are your go-to

Where to Shop for Trendy Styles

You can literally shop for earrings at almost any clothing retailer. But here’s a list of some of the currently trendy online stores to shop for something fun and trendy.

Hope you found this article helpful and a great resources for discovering new trends and new ways to style your earrings. It’s definitely fun to play around with different earrings and really easy to style so many different types of earrings.