How to Style Combat Boots

Do you have a pair of combat boots? They’re one of the hottest shoes for all seasons. We like them because you can go for a plain all-black or brown pair or go for something more daring like the embellished ones. 

Combat boots are becoming increasingly popular. It’s casual, it’s cute, and it’s comfortable. It’s an excellent fashion choice when it comes to shoes. Continue reading to see how to style these boots in various ways, from casual to dressy. Before then, follow these steps when picking out a combat boot. 

  • Step 1: Get the correct size. You should have some wiggle space for your toes in the front of your boots to ensure a proper fit. The boots should be a little snug, but not too so.
  • Step 2: Wear Socks. Boot Socks are a Must-Have. For the most comfortable fit, always wear socks with your boots boot. This reduces the chance of developing hotspots and blisters after prolonged use.
  • Step 3: It’s essential to have a secure heel. Your boots should never be too tight, and they should fit snugly over the entire width of your foot. Your feet should feel comfortable in the ankle heel. 
  • Step 4: Decide on the color and design. You can choose any color as your wardrobe or season dictates. Also, you can go for an embellished one or a plain one. Make sure it is made of quality leather. 
  • Step 5: Perform a Walk Test. If you need to return or swap your new boots, you can always put them first on the carpet. When you walk around in these boots, pay attention to the bending and feel for any rubbing or hotspots.

Jeans and combat boots outfit

How to Style Combat Boots
how to style combat boots- jeans

There’s no need to overthink this look. There’s no muss, no fuss! If you want a high-waist, cropped flare or a cropped straight leg jeans, you’ll still look great. Cuffing your jeans is another cute way to wear combat boots with jeans. This is a brilliant way to put your old jeans to good use.

Try combat boots and dresses

How to Style Combat Boots
how to style combat boots- a dress

If you just got your combat boots, try it on a dress if you’re unsure what to wear them with. These boots with dresses give you a fun, fashion-forward, and simple look. You’ll need to find a dress that isn’t too long or too short. A midi dress with a length that ends two to three inches above the top of your boots is the goldilocks length since exposing a sliver of skin between the two would give you a few extra inches of height while still giving you a revealing glimpse of your gams. It helps balance out the clunky nature of the boots, which can be essential when wearing them with a floaty, feminine dress.

Maxi dresses are a good option

How to Style Combat Boots
how to style combat boots- maxi dress

Try it with your boots if you have a long maxi dress with a wide, especially one with a beautiful slit. It’s flirty, sultry, and unexpected, and it’s one of our favorite ways to see this piece worn.

Wear combat boots with a skirt 

How to style Combat Boots
how to style combat boots- a skirt

 Wear these shoes with your skirts, too! It has a cool-girl vibe to it. In our opinion, they’re perfect for wearing mini leather dresses, pencil skirts, and even midi skirts.

Shorts and boots are a great combination

How to Style Combat Boots
how to style combat boots- shorts

These boots are perfect for wearing with high-waisted shorts. They are super cute in grungy, distressed looks. If you’re into that sort of thing, you can do this with your favorite band shirt. This combination of shorts and ankle boots looks great on both short and tall-legged women. Women can wear denim cut-offs with suede combat boots and plain tees and cardigans, or lightweight sweaters.

Where to find combat boots

Combat boots have become quite a trend for all seasons. With so many options along with multiple styling options, you might be surprised that you can shop for them online. Here are a few of the top places to currently shop for these boots. 

Amazon has impressive unisex combat boots in different sizes and colors.

Achieve the ultimate tough-look vibe with classic combat boots from Walmart. They are a classic essential that will complement everything in your wardrobe. 

Shop for a collection of Combat boots and find the latest trends, styles, and deals with free shipping. 

Get happy, light, and bright boots at Bloomingdale’s. 

Additional tips and ideas when styling your combat boots 

  • Don’t button them all the way up for a more casual look. 

Do you want to create that laidback and rugged vibes at the same time? Then do not lace up the entire boots

  • When wearing combat boots with leggings, wear a pair of socks to break them up. 

Add some dash of color by wearing a contrasting color of socks from your boots and leggings

  • An all-black ensemble is always stylish. 

If you want to go tough, wear black combat boots with a black shirt and leather leggings. It gives you that badass and gothic look. 

  • Street Style look

 With a leather jacket and a knit beanie, you can up your look. Always remember that belts draw attention to the details in your outfit. For a picturesque wardrobe, stick to a monochrome look or contrasting gray, brown, and charcoal shades. 

  • Color up

Boots in solid colors aren’t always necessary. Choose various colors, such as red, burgundy, or purple, and combine them with complementary colored clothing and accessories. It is excellent for girls who want to make a statement.


The combat boots are a little bit masculine, fun, and unexpected. However, since they are tall and chunky, they can be a little tricky to style. With some confidence and charisma, you can rock different outfits with it. Every outfit is different, which is why you should try out these boots on them. Don’t forget to try out our stylish ways to rock them. Each piece is a must-try for the current season.