How to Style Clothes You Already Have

How to style clothes you already have including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

When you’re thinking of switching up your style, you may be tempted to change your whole wardrobe. But did you know that you can switch up your style by learning how to style clothes you already have?

With trends here and there, to be stylish doesn’t have to be expensive. You may think you are not going to fit in if you do not change your wardrobe. Even if you haven’t bought clothes in a while, you will learn tips and tricks to style your clothes in this article. Before we start, take note of the following steps. 

  • Step 1: Sort your wardrobe. To start with, you need to sort your wardrobe, separate the ones you still want to wear from the ones you no longer want to keep. 
  • Step 2: Take note of clothes that need amendments. You may notice that you stopped wearing some clothes. Maybe because they came loose somewhere or the zipper went bad. Take out time to mend them and get them ready for styling. 
  • Step 3: Pick out old clothes you want to restyle. Go through your closet and identify specific clothes you would like to restyle.
  • Step 4: Decide how you would like to restyle them. It is good to have a plan before going into restyling. You first decide what you want to do with the cloth and see if the new twist will fit it.
  • Step 5:  Get the materials and tools that you will use to restyle it ready. These could range from a razor, sewing machine, needle, and thread to dye, etc.

Resize your clothes

How to Style Clothes You Already Have
how to style clothes you already- resizing

Let’s find a new style for those baggies in your closet. Resizing those baggy jeans, sweaters or shirts to be fitted is a sure way to rock them. It also doesn’t take much to resize. All you have to do is wear, use a clip to mark the excess you’d like to reduce, sew along the line of the excess, and there you go, looking as good as new.

Dye the clothes you already have

How to Style Clothes You already Have
how to style clothes you already have-add dye

Do you have a jean that is all washed out or a shirt, a dress that is permanently stained and condemned to the bottom of your closet? You add some color to them and bring them back to the top of your closet with dye. Get creative with it, make beautify out of the stain and get your beloved cloth back 

Cut and tear

How to Style Clothes You Already Have
how to style clothes you already have- ripping

Get a razor or a pair of scissors and cut some style. Make it shorter, detach the sleeves, rip it and give it a new feel. You can do any of these to your cloth to bring them back in style. For example, restyle your old kimono jacket into a sleeveless one. There are endless tricks you can perform with your old clothes with a razor or pair of scissors. 

Knots and ties

How to Style Clothes You Already Have
how to style clothes you already have- knots

One way of restyling your old clothes that doesn’t cost you anything and doesn’t change the style of the cloth is tying it or making a knot out of it. Bring out that old oversized button-down shirt you have not been wearing for a long time, wear it, and tie it at the base just a little above your waist. 

Style with different accessories

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how to style clothes you already have- accessories

Have you ever wondered how a piece of jewelry can make one look so elegant? This is the look you are going for when you try out new jewelry with the clothes you already have. 

Where to get tools to style clothes you already have

You can shop for your accessories and sewing machine on Amazon without stress.

Shop for sewing machines, handheld sewing machines, dye, accessories, etc.

  • Local stores

You do not always have to shop online, you can patronize the local store nearby and get your accessories and even a thrift sewing machine at an affordable price.

Additional tips and ideas when styling clothes you already have

  • Rock Vintage

One way to style your old clothes is by deliberately making them retro/vintage. Wearing your old cloth as vintage cloth could bring a sense of newness to the cloth. It allows you to wear the cloth as what it is, old. But this can look as classy as you want it to be.

  •  Patch

There are some old clothes you have abandoned because of a little tear. The good news is, you do not have to worry about throwing them away, you can stylishly patch them in a way that gives the cloth a new style and makes them look totally beautiful.

  • Combine differently

A simple twist of your usual combination can make your old cloth look like it’s a new addition to your closet. Sometimes the difference between the official look and that causal, fun-loving look is just the combination of the same cloth. With the right combination, you can switch your style and look new once again.

  • Belts and Scarves

One interesting way to restyle your old dress is by wearing it with a different, maybe wider belt. The belt can help you hold it all together and make it look different, more fitting. Another fun restyling is adding a scarf to that old cloth or using the old cloth as the scarf itself. You can throw your old cardigan around your shoulders or tie it around your waist to give that extra touch.


We all have those old clothes we love and have grown attached to so much that we do not want to just let them go. Luckily for us, we can have them and wear them for as long as we possibly can. Simply by restyling them and giving them that new touch that brings them back to life.