How to Style Bike Shorts

How to style bike shorts, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

Bike shorts were originally made to provide comfort for cyclists, but they are not limited to that alone. Bike shorts can be worn and styled for fashion purposes too. The bike short fashion trend is growing strong rapidly.

Whether you’re commuting, hanging out with friends, or going for a workout, bike shorts are in vogue now. If are you thinking of getting yourself bike shorts or you are trying to style the bike shorts that you own, then this is for you. With our list, you will learn the easiest ways to style a biker’s shorts. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Decide the purpose of the bike shorts before you purchase one. The purpose determines the color and material that you will get.
  • Step 2: Consider your shorts size. Be sure of your waist and leg length before purchasing a pair of bike shorts. Bike shorts are usually cut high in the back to keep skin covered when you bend. Likewise, they are low in front so that you can bend forward without hindrance. Note that the front shouldn’t be so low.
  • Step 3: Know your shorts fit. Bike shorts are usually stretchy; however, there’s no one size fits all. Different brands can have different fits. To be sure, check out the brand’s fit guide to know the right one for you.
  • Step 4: Grab a pair with a longer length. Here is a tip, grab a pair of bike shorts with some length. Of course, it shouldn’t go beyond your knees. It is always easier to style bike shorts that have length.
  • Step 5: Buy bike shorts lined with chamois. The chamois pad helps keep out moisture, and it provides a soft feel on your skin.

Combine your bike shorts with a blazer

How to Style Bike Shorts
how to style bike shorts- blazers

Layer up your bike shorts with an oversized blazer jacket. It gives you that trendy business casual vibe. The blazers complement the tiny structure of the bike shorts. You can opt for a t-shirt under or a tube.

Do you want to give it a shot? It’s all about balance: the blazer must be big to balance off the athletic, second-skin shorts, and the boxier the cut, the better.

Combine with a bomber jacket

How to Style Bike Shorts
how to style bike shorts- bomber jacket

This ensemble of a bomber jacket and black cycling shorts is really elegant, yet it also appears casual and ready for anything. Wear black mesh heeled shoes or sneakers to amp up the style of this look.

Nail that sporty and yet edgy look by adding a bomber jacket over your bike shorts. It gives you that casual and comfortable look while also looking fashionable. 

Wear an oversized t-shirt

How to Style Bike Shorts
how to style bike shorts- oversized t-shirt

Wearing an oversized t-shirt over your bike shorts gives you that comfy look. If you are starting with the bike shorts trend, you can never go wrong with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers or heels.

Oversized shirts are a stand-alone outfit, so combine your favorite with a pair of cycling shorts and sneakers. The end result is a wonderfully comfy suit that takes less than five minutes to put on (perfect if you’re short on time). Are you looking for something unique? Mix prints to make a greater impact.

Try a sweatshirt

How to Style Bike Shorts
how to style bike shorts- sweatshirts

Imagine your long flowing hair resting over a sweatshirt with or without a hoodie. You agree that is a really interesting combination. Don’t you? Well, that’s a combination you can sure try out. Wear a sweatshirt and bike shorts for a laid-back look; these two things go well together. Make your outfit more useful by adding some sports sneakers.

Pair with a check shirt

How to Style Bike Shorts
how to style bike shorts- check shirt

You can never go wrong with a plain on a pattern, Combine your plain bike shorts with a check shirt full of popping colors and bring some colors into the picture. With a button-down check shirt, keep things basic. This is more fitted than a T-shirt, but it’s still a classic. It’s the ideal complement to your new favorite shorts trend.

Where to find bike shorts

Now that you know that bike shorts are the latest things, it’s time for you to shop. There are many places to get your bike shorts, including online stores.

You already know Amazon sells everything from clothes to home appliances. You can shop for your bike shorts at the world’s largest online shopping mall. Be sure to look out for the size guide.

Forever21 is an authentic brand when it comes to fashion. You will be sure to get the latest and trendiest bike shorts.

For athletic and fashion purposes, Walmart has a vast collection of bike shorts from different retailers.

Additional tips and ideas when styling bike shorts

  • Try color blocking

Don’t make everything look drab. Add a pop of color when styling your bike shorts.

  • Accessorize well

Either with your waist chains, pouch, or belt. Use the right accessories to complement your dressing.

  • Good shoes are a must

Like they say, good shoes take you to good places. Wear nice shoes on your bike shorts. The occasion dictates whether you will wear sneakers, mules, boots, or sandals heels.

  • Bring in some chicness with animal print

We mentioned earlier that bike shorts are the hottest trends right now. What we didn’t mention is that they come in different exotic designs. If you want to be extra stylish, go along with some animal print designs.


While some people think cycling shorts are difficult to wear or that they’re a problematic garment suited for the gym rather than everyday activities, we think they’re rather adaptable, and there’s no right or wrong way to wear them. Are you ready to take this summer by surprise? Do it with the latest bike shorts trends. With our style guide, you will stand out and look fabulous.