How to Style a Cocktail Glass


Summer is finally here and it’s time to host some fun and pretty cocktail parties. You have probably seen some really beautifully styled summer cocktails but with a little creativity, you can easily create your own beautifully styled cocktail glass. Here are some tips and ideas on how to style a cocktail glass for your next cocktail party.

How to style a cocktail glass.

Depending on your summer theme for your cocktail party, from a tropical theme to an elegant garden theme, you can really personalize and create your own summer cocktail.

Here are some ideas on what to shop for to style your cocktail glass.

  • Shop for cocktail glasses that you can easily throw away. This will make clean up easy and you don’t have to worry about how many glasses you will need.
  • Look for colorful, glitter, or sparkly, sugar for the rim of your cocktail glasses.
  • Pretty paper straws that you can also cut down to fit your cocktail glass.
  • Edible flowers would be perfect to decorate tropical drinks or to make your garden party really elegant. You can even freeze some edible flowers in large ice cubes for your drinks.
  • Have plenty of crushed ice, it just looks so much better in cocktails.
  • If you want to make sangria, use a lot of different fruits for color and to create different flavors.
  • Use cookie cutters to make fruit shapes.
  • Or use cocktails sticks to create mini fruit kabobs for your cocktails.
  • Cotton candy is really popular right now and you can easily add as a garnish to the top of your cocktail drink.
  • Add food coloring to create fun colors or to make a drink more vibrant.
  • Or you could even set up a bar and let your guest create their own unique cocktails.

Ask yourself the following questions, to help you decide how to style your cocktail glass for your cocktail party.

  • Pick a theme for your cocktail party.
  • What kind of cocktail or cocktails do you want to serve? You can get ideas for cocktails recipes on Pinterest.
  • Once you decide on a cocktail or two (two is probably enough you don’t want to overwhelm yourself) you need to choose the right cocktail glasses.
  • Ice cubes, crushed, or no ice?
  • Straws or cocktails sticks?
  • Sugar for the rim? Cotton candy?
  • Edible flowers, fruit, or a mix of both. Make sure the fruit and fruits are either similar color or complement each other. Lavender flowers and orange slices won’t go well together.
  • And last, do you need food coloring to change the color of your drink?

Here are some really beautiful style cocktails that others have created to give you a visual inspiration.


photo credit: feedfeed.cocktails


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